IEC Configured Weather Masts
Adventure Power offers the installation of IEC 61400 configured weather masts for the accurate and industry recognised measurement of wind resources. This detailed resource data can be used to develop commercially acceptable and bankable project plans widely recognised by financial institutions.
Meso Scale Analysis of Wind Resource
Using state of the art software, WaSP, Adventure Power details meso scale analysis of the wind resource of a prospective wind turbine installation site. This information is valuable in assessing the best locations of wind turbines on a particular site as well as assessing the wake losses of the installation.
Wind Farm Development Business Plans
Adventure Power wind turbines are designed to achieve low levelised cost per kWh generated for wind turbine projects. This is achieved by reducing expenditure on Balance of Plant (BoP) expenses such as
  • Innovative foundation solutions, easily constructed and less material used
  • Modular tower which doesn't require special transport arrangements and large cranes to erect
  • No high load bearing roads or laydown areas required
  • Max 80 ton ALL terrain crane required for installation which is readily available to industry at competitive rates
With the low levelised cost of energy generated, the Adventure Power wind turbines offer investors favourable return on investment for wind turbine projects. Adventure Power offers the service to prospective investors to develop wind farm investment busness cases.
Operations and Maintenance Agreements
Adventure Power offers comprehensive Operations and Maintenance agreements to ensure the wind turbine installations are running optimally and are maintained correctly to ensure an efficient and profitable twenty year lifespan.

24 hour surveillance and monitoring of our wind turbine installations is done from our control centre in East London, South Africa, for worldwide installations.



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